The List

“I’m not a creative person.”

I have heard this a lot. To which I always ask, “Why do you think you’re not a creative person?”

“Well, I can’t draw or paint, or write…”

Ah! Raise your hand if you believe this. Yep, it’s common.

Fallacy #1: Creative Expression is Limited

And usually to the most common forms of art: visual and performing arts, and the written word.

Why is that? Is it because those mediums actually have the word art in their titles?

Is it because those creative expressions are celebrated most in our culture as artistic?

Something to ponder. And while you do, I would like to tear apart this fallacy and look at those common limitations:

  1. Certain creative expressions are only for children (agism here!) like coloring
  2. Certain creative expressions are gender- specific (sexism here!) like crafts and tattooing
  3. Certain creative expressions are only for certain artsy-type people (stereotypes here!)

I want to address each limitation in the future, but for now I want to argue against Fallacy #1 by saying I don’t believe creative expression has limitations! To prove it, here’s a list of creative expressions I’m gonna show case here this year. And I’ve got someone in each vein to interview. My interviewee list includes both men and women of a variety of ages and backgrounds. If you’re not sold on my list, I hope that after hearing from people who exercise their creativity in these fields, you’ll join me in kicking Fallacy #1 to the curb.

Now the first few topics are expected (I want to ease you in:)

Visual ArtIMG_9169



Theatre Directing







Jewelry Design

Graphic Design

Interior Design

Floral Design









Independent business/entrepreneur



This is just the beginning. I hope to add to the list as the year goes on because, after all, creativity is not limited, even to my list.

Take that, Fallacy #1!

PS Chime in with other creative endeavors you want to see on this list, or people you know who you want to highlight on this blog!

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