One Page at a Time


There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things we want, right? Part of adulting is doing first the things we HAVE to do, then squeezing in the things we WANT to do. Which leaves no room to try new things. Especially if you’re in the middle of raising kids.

When I had my second baby, I was feeling a great lack in my life in terms of having a creative outlet. But between changing diapers, erratic naps, assuaging tantrums, keeping house and the such, I had no time, energy, or even space in our small house to bust out my watercolors or scrounge up a canvas.

Then I found this book of blank paper and started an art journal. It was small, concise, and so not intimidating. It could be slipped into a drawer, moved around the house, and taken on the go.


I’m on my third one. Whenever I have a little pocket of time I put on some music (Classical Piano for Studying on Pandora is my go-to) and I draw, color, practice fonts, doodle, etc. I keep a board on my Pinterest with inspiration.


In my art journal, I also write a diary-type summary at the end of each month, recapping the highs and lows and significant things that happened in our lives. It’s an easy way to document these passing years.

Lately I’ve been writing down favorite quotes from books I read so I can go back and draw inspiration from them, or be reminded of key points that impacted me. I guess this art journal has morphed into more of a catch-all for my brain or a Commonplace book, as some call it.


I’ve learned that to infuse my life with creativity I don’t have to have an art studio. I don’t have to have all the art supplies. And I don’t have to make anything perfect.

Is there a creative outlet lacking in your life? Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? What have you done to weave creativity into your life? Please share!


2 thoughts on “One Page at a Time”

  1. I’m loving your blog!

    I was guilty of saying often “I’m not creative”! Now I realize that my creativity looks different than what I thought a “creative person” looked like. I love to be creative in the kitchen. I make food that tastes good and I don’t stress about the presentation (not my skill set haha)…and I love it! I also love being creative in nature…I don’t make diaramas or discuss colors with the kids, but we do discuss the Creator and this gorgeous world we live in! Thanks for the post!


  2. I doodle to my heart’s content… and I have changed my work schedule so it can use more of my creative brain.


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