Meet Benji Magness

I’m very excited to kick off June with my first interview. Benji Magness is the senior pastor at Grace Santa Maria, and also an artist and all-around unique individual. Hailing from Oklahoma, he attended Dallas Seminary where he did a double-major in ministry and art. He and his wife Heather have six kids (three boys and three girls, all with middle names that nod to his artsy side–revealed in the interview). He wears black, hates mayonnaise, geeks out over the Twilight Zone, and thinks outside the box when titling his sermons (ie Jesus Make the Best Fish Tacos).

I was curious to hear his thoughts on creativity as an individual and in the church. How does he balance full-time ministry and his passion for art? How does art and creativity fit into the Christian culture? What are some of his personal struggles with it all?

Set your reminder to return here Saturday June 9 for the whole audio interview.

In the meantime, check out his art!


When prepping for his sermons, Benji brainstorms by doodling before writing his manuscript.


Wood-cutting and inking


Wood block stamp on canvas of John Calvin


Colored pencils on daughter’s snack bag



You can follow Benji on Instagram where he posts art, scripture, album covers, etc. HERE


1 thought on “Meet Benji Magness”

  1. I am super excited to hear the interview! Forget the cartoons; I know what I will be doing Saturday morning.


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