SPOTLIGHT: Michael Shaw

IMG_0519Family: yeah, he’s my hubby. We have two boys (7 & 3) and a girl (17 mo)

Education/Career: teacher with Masters in Teaching and credentials to teach infants–high school. English and Drama teacher at Orcutt Academy High School, and part time faculty at Allan Hancock College.

Instagram: @igmasterw


How did you get the idea to do a Sermon doodle each Sunday?

I’ve always enjoyed doodling and years ago I used to draw a little icon of what the pastor was preaching on. About 4 years ago my blogging wife 🙂 was out of town and I doodled the whole sermon as a reminder of what to tell her about it. Well, we never talked about the sermon, but it did help me remember it. After doodling the sermon, I realized I remembered it much better and since then I haven’t stopped.

What do you love most about it?

I love that it keeps my mind focused on the sermon and gives me visual cues to associate with the ideas of faith. Prior to this, my mind would wander to my work demands or I would drift in and out with my ideas. Doodling gives me focus. 


How do you encourage others to be creative?

I love creativity, and I think there are many ways I encourage other in their creative expressions. When it comes to doodles, the best encouragement I give is just by posting my own work. I’ve learned that there are three others in my church who have picked up doodling. The best way to inspire creativity is just to do it in front of others–jump in, try it, and then see what comes of it. 

Are there other areas of your life where you exercise creativity?

I feel like my life is a creative tumbleweed. I tumble in and out of creative projects all the time: doodling, creating plays for my school, planning my curricuculum for my classes, doing activities with my kids (drawing, painting, engaging in pretend play, going on “color walks”, playing “Chopped” in the kitchen). My biggest creative endeavor is probably my work in the classroom and on the stage. Teaching never bores me because it is a place where I get to exercise creativity and hopefully encourage others to do the same. On another note, this fall I’m putting on a play where I’ll use my doodles (non-sermon ones) as the set.



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