SPOTLIGHT: Brett C. Nance

drunk squid detective

Profession: Freelance Illustrator/Designer

Family: Crystal (wife & TK teacher) and son Oliver (6 mo. old)

Background: grew up admiring the works of animators like Chuck Jones, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Milt Kahl, Friz Freleng, Preston Blair. Studied traditional animation and life drawing at Allan Hancock College and Art Institute of CA-LA. Self-published comic book S.P.a.Z and webcomic Man-Boys!, illustrated children’s book Adventures of Captain Candy. Contributing artist in the TikiMachine art books and other various work for card games, logos movie poster, t-shirts, and private commissions.

chocolateProfessional Info: Facebook artist page and on Instagram @PanBlancoArt

What do you love most about being an artist?

I love seeing what’s in my head end up on paper (or digital “paper” now). When I was a kid, I’d look at how the artists I admired created their work and it was like watching a magic trick but learning the secrets of how the trick was pulled off. Any time I learn a new trick of the trade it’s that same feeling all over again. There’s also the rush I get when people react fondly to my work, especially when I get to create right in front of people at events.

How do you keep your creative juices flowing?Abbot Costello print version

Meeting up with other artist friends. Whether it’s meeting with some buddies, going to a comic convention or mingle in Artists’ Alley, or heading out to occasional sketch group, I always seem to get a boost by being around a community of artists. Sometimes if I’m stuck in regards to my own creations, creating some fan art helps clear the slate. Being a geek can pay off creatively!

Are there any other areas of your life where you exercise creativity?

I used to be involved in theatre, back when I was still in Santa Maria. I do occasionally get out the guitar, especially now with my son–I love singing to him (he doesn’t judge!)

How do you encourage others to pursue creativity?

Be around creative people; it can be infectious. Also don’t try to make what you think others would like (unless it’s for a client). Instead make what you like and what you know. And finally always keep learning and studying the craft. That was all kinda cliche but it’s true! haha

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