What To Buy?

I hope you’ve been encouraged by our interview and our Spotlights lately to try something new, or get back to something you once did creatively. I think a lot of us have the desire to exercise our creativity, but sometimes it’s hard to get going. Personally I found that having a place and the right tools to be artistic is half the battle. I shared about my easy art journal method (see May 25 post).

Here are some affordable materials that I use, as well as our Spotlight Michael uses. I hope this list is helpful.

Sketching and Doodling

These are the sketchbooks I use for art journaling. I love that  they lay flat when open and the paper quality can handle ink and paint. I got mine at Barnes & Noble, but you can find them on Amazon too. Link HERE


I love these pens. They flow so well, and the variety of sizes is great for varying widths of calligraphy. The handy case is a bonus. You can find them at Michael’s Craft Store or on Amazon. Link HERE


Michael uses a larger sketchbook called Pentalic. He likes that it lays flat when open, has quality paper, and a durable cover. Westly also uses this sketchbook. Link HERE

Michael loves those pens. They have a nice tip and good flow. You can get them in bulk too! Link HERE

Color Medias

There are a few good starter palettes for watercolors. The brand on the left called Reeves is a good low-cost brand for starting out. The brand on the right called Grumbacher is one of the more prominent watercolor brands.

Link HERE for a good Reeves starter set. Link HERE for a Grumbacher starter set.


Again Reeves is a good starter brand for acrylics and oil pastels. This brand can be found at Michael’s Craft Store and Amazon.

Link HERE for acrylics. Link HERE for oil pastels.

Keep in mind these are low-cost choices perfect for just starting out and experimenting. I totally get that you don’t want to invest a lot of money into something you want to just try out. When you find a medium that you love, there are higher-end brands out there whose quality does make a difference.

Now be brave!

2 thoughts on “What To Buy?”

  1. Blick Art Supplies also has some great sales – up 80% off sometimes. Cheap Joe’s & Blick both have programs for teachers for low cost, bulk art supplies.


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