Don’t Hide Books

We love books. I’m sure you do too. Even if you’re not a big reader, chances are you still like the look of books and like the idea of them being around. As a parent I want my kids to love books too, and I want books to be easily accessible to my kids.

One of my big no-nos when it comes to setting up space is this:

Don’t hide books!


Now, books can get untidy and find their way under beds and between couch cushions and on the stairs. So it’s tempting to stash them away in bins, or up on the closet shelf, or in a deep drawer. But the problem with this is a common one: out of sight, out of mind. Especially for kids.

I heard one of my favorite children’s authors (Jonathan Auxier) tell about how his childhood home was filled with books and his parents could always be found reading. He grew up thinking that’s what you did as a grown-up: you read books. Reading books was normalized for him. And today he is a prolific author.


I don’t expect my kids to be authors, but I do want them to be readers and to love books for many reasons (to be life-long learners, seekers of knowledge and wisdom, creative and imaginative, self-actualized, deep thinkers and clear communicators, and the list goes on). For our part, Michael and I read to them every night, we take them to library, we give books as gifts, etc. I’m intentional about storing books where my kids can get them. We don’t hide books.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Hide Books”

  1. Farah, do you have your library upstairs or downstairs? We have ours upstairs and we are worried about the weight of all the books and bookcases!

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