SPOTLIGHT: Espino Home

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If our walls could talk…

Actually, our walls do, whether we mean for them to or not. What we decorate our walls with speaks a lot about our interests, our tastes, and our histories. Or at least they should. Wall space can play a key role in creating an inspiring and personal atmosphere in our creative spaces.

My best friend Bethany is very intentional about decorating the walls of her home with creative and meaningful pieces that speak volumes about her and her family.


This is one of the first pieces you see when you walk into their home: Espino Family Mission Statement. She hand-painted their family motto: Lead Others through Empathy, Compassion, and Creativity



Bethany made these two macrame pieces that hang in her office and guest room.


Bethany mounted her grandfather’s wrench¬† in memory of him.


The Espinos collected these pieces of drift wood from their three favorite places: their neighborhood, Avila Beach, and Yosemite.


An original art piece by Bethany inspired by the characters from her YA novel.

After being in the Espino home, I always get inspired to take a look at how I’m using my wall space at home. What do my walls say about me and my family? What do yours say?