Feast for the Eyes

I’m always looking for inspiration for my home. It’s stimulating to change things up every so often, which is one reason I love decorating for the holidays and seasons. Surrounding my family with seasonal colors and scents or holiday trinkets feeds the imagination and also gives us a sense of time and the passing of a year.

But what about the in between times? Changing up my inspiration board or putting out different toys and art supplies for the kids keeps things fresh. I stoke my creativity with some outside media too. Two magazines have been so worth the subscription!


HGTV Magazine is a feast for the eyes with its bright colors, bold designs, and beautiful house features. It’s mainly visual with little to read, which makes it the perfect magazine for me to flip through during a “recess/coffee break” in our homeschool day.



Magnolia Journal is lovely in all aspects, from its beautiful photographs to its inspiring and heart-felt columns written by Chip and Jo and friends. This magazine encourages me, makes me think, and reminds me of the truly important things in life.


Here are a few Instagrams I follow that inspire my space-building:

Magnolia–every day there is something beautiful to see from Joanna Gaines and her company

By Vanessa Leigh–she posts breath-taking pics of English countryside, gardens, pubs, and tea houses. Makes me swoon.

KP Spaces–her catch phrase had me: “Designing, styling, and trying to find a little pretty wherever I go!”

Centered by Design–just lovely

Folded Pages Distillery–she’s actually a book reviewer, but her visual displays of the books she reviews is near-breath-taking and so inspiring


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