SPOTLIGHT: Actress Erin Drazin

FB_IMG_1532289125061Age: soon-to-be 26

Job: Full-time wife and mommy; part time dinner theatre actress with Riley’s Farm Theatre Company

Info: Riley’s Farm Theatre Company¬†¬†Erin’s Instagram @the.drazins.three

How did you first get into play acting?

My parents raised us on musicals. I was singing Les Miserables and Camelot at age 7. I always loved jumping into a character when I was alone, but I was painfully shy in front of other people. When I was about 14 I became obsessed with all things theatre. I joined a musical theatre class that ended in a big recital, show-casing what we learned. I had a solo from Oklahoma, and I shook through the whole thing! It took me awhile to get over mistakes I’d inevitably make. But over time I cared less and less as my confidence grew.

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How does acting affect your life?

Confidence, for one! I started out “I-want-to-be-invisible-shy”. Theatre helped me let go of a lot of anxiety, and helped me be comfortable in my own skin. Also I believe theatre and acting has aided me in being a mom. I’ve always been very imaginative. As a kid I loved making up new stories to tell and act out with my siblings. Now it’s all the same as a mom, but even better! I get to feed my daughter’s imagination and watch it blossom.


Do Christians have a place in secular theatre?

Theatre is often a very secular and sexualized form of art. There is a delicate balance between only doing church plays for fear of falling astray and totally conforming to this ever changing and demanding art form. I think the answer lies in the individual. Do you know yourself? Are you strong in your faith? Do you have limits and lines you will not cross?


Any advice to someone who is interested in acting?

Get started! Find an outlet to see if it’s something you’re interested in. Community theatre is a great place to start and it’s usually free! For me I obsess about things until I do them. And some of those things have made a beautiful addition to my life.