The Now

You walk into a theatre, and your interest is piqued at the set pieces intentionally revealed to tease you. A little giddy, you take your seat. The auditorium lights go dark, the stage lights go up, and the mood is set. Maybe an overture starts blasting. The stage is completely revealed and the characters are there, and you’re transported into a story with your imagination filling in the gaps. Live people, who you could run up and grab, are there in front of you.

Multi-tasking is not allowed here. You cannot check your email, or browse Instagram. You cannot skip ahead to the ending. You cannot pause it, go do something else, and finish the show later. And you cannot even snap a photo with a cool filter or record part of it to post on social media.

All you’re allowed to do is sit there in the moment and partake in the story.

There are very few things–in particular entertainment things–that force us to be fully in the moment. Live theatre is one of those. We have no choice but to be fully present in the moment by moment unfolding of creativity. It’s a unique experience that cannot ever be duplicated.

And I’m challenged to bring more of this into my everyday life. I want to slow down and resist the addiction of multi-tasking. I want to be fully present in the moment–the moments of my kids, my husband, my friends, my own creative endeavors. I bet if I channeled more intentional focus into my writing or my art or my daydreaming I would find a deeper satisfaction in the process and product.

Story is constantly unfolding in the everyday moments, and I want to be a part of it.