SPOTLIGHT: Eric Drazin

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Job(s): head writer, director, set director, choreographer, and actor for Riley’s Farm Theatre Company

Info: Riley’s Farm Theatre Company website , Riley’s Farm Theatre Company Facebook 

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For the past 10 years, Eric has gone from being a cast member to being head of the entire Riley’s Farm Theatre Company, a role that includes writing original plays for it, directing the cast and crew, building sets and expanding the stage, choreographing dance sequences, and filling roles of lead and side characters.

When he first hired on, the Company turned out two dinner theatre shows a year; now the Company averages 8 shows a years and more than half of those were written by Eric. The Company now attracts trained actors from all over the county, and several of them have won nominations and awards for their participation.

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A fan favorite are his original Sherlock Holmes plays in which he plays the leading detective. With 8 original Sherlock scripts under his belt, he has attracted a fan following. Last year’s Sherlock Holmes and the Baffling Affair at the Bagatelle won him nominations for writing and directing from the Inland Theatre League.

He enjoys adapting classic literature to fit the stage. His first project was adapting The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which is an autumn staple. Two years ago he adapted Dracula, which won him awards for Best Director and Best Actor twice by the Inland Theatre League. He has adapted Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, which will possibly preview this fall.

This past summer he directed and acted in Prohibition in which he also choreographed and danced a Charleston routine. (He’s center and his wife Mallory is the flapper girl on the far left)

His latest project was Our Finest Hour, an original WWII drama that he wrote, directed, and starred in. He pushed himself in his capabilities by singing a few 40s tunes and teaching himself how to tap dance.

When it comes to creativity, Eric is courageous, unafraid to try new things, learn new skills, and put it all out there for the public. He strikes a good balance between his artistic visions and his productive work ethic, which always rallies his cast to put their all into their productions. At the heart of all his endeavors is a desire to share wholesome values, inspire an audience, and glorify God through his talents.