Me Time


I asked a variety of people what they do for “Me Time” and how/when they work it into their lives. Maybe you’ll get inspired like I did!

I wake up before the kids most days (like 7 am) and go for a hike/walk in the hills. I also use this as my time to pray. –Katie, music teacher and mom of three

For three minutes a day I look at my phone in between teaching classes. –Michael, high school teacher and dad of three

I exercise, read, or do something creative (draw, paint, write). I’ve learned to be flexible–somedays I do it early in the morning, sometimes later. –Bethany, writer, and homeschool mom of two


When my kids nap, I listen to a podcast, do my Bible study, and veg with a good show. –Jackie, homeschool mom of three and new foster mom

At night, sitting, having a cigar and listening to 40s music. –Eric, theatre director, writer, and dad of three

My MOPS group hosted a morning once a month with childcare where I could get together with other moms, eat delicious homemade goodies, do a craft, and be with myself for 2 full hours! –Susie, home decorator and mom of a preschooler and infant


Some days my only time is getting up earlier than my kids to drink tea and read. Most of my “me time” has turned into “we time” with my kids where we walk to farmer’s market, go to the library, or garden. — Cassie, mom of three

In the morning I get up before my husband and have coffee and read. At night I go swing dancing or binge watch my favorite show with a glass of wine. –Noelle, paramedic and instructor

My pool. Just me, the sun and a book. –Danielle, mom and grandma

I wake up an hour before everyone else so that I can do my little morning routine all by myself. My day is so much better when started with a little clarity. –Erin, theatre actress and mom

I sunbathe naked in the backyard!–Laura, newly retired, grandma

I’ll listen to music and practice my hand lettering by writing out the lyrics, and try to sneak in a cup of coffee that’s been hanging in the microwave all morning! –Mallory, photographer, homeschool mom of three



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