IMG_2505Age: 34

Job: teacher (5/6 grade) at Orcutt Academy

How long have you been teaching and what do you love most about it?

This is my fifth year teaching . I love building relationships with my students first and foremost, then seeing them learn and grow. 


How do you use classroom set up and decor to inspire your students?

I run a very organized classroom. My hope is that this will inspire students to be organized as well. My decor is ‘Super Hero’ themed. I tell my students on the first day of school that I love super heroes because they inspire me, and make me believe I can do anything I want as long as I am willing to “train” and work hard. I also explain that super heroes help me to believe that good will prevail over evil. My hope is that these thoughts and this decor will inspire my students to believe the same.


How do you create an environment that nurtures kids’ learning and imaginations?

By creating a safe space for my students, in which each student knows he or she is loved, cared for, and is special. I also have very clear and high expectations for them. They know what is expected of them at every moment of every day in my classroom. I believe that these classroom characteristics foster learning and imagination. 

Are there other areas of your life where you exercise creativity?

I love to create new recipes. I also love to crochet and craft. My creativity definitely comes out most in my classroom!