Life-Long Learners

Check out these self-taught creatives who found an interest and set out to learn it!

Erin and EmbroideryI became interested in embroidery after seeing a few marvelous and unique embroidery posts on Pinterest. I started with a pattern (the daisies) and then started drawing my own patterns with an embroidery pencil I bought from Hobby Lobby (the bee). Most of the stitches are therapeutically easy, and if I ever have problems with a stitch, I can look it up on YouTube. It’s a great little something for me to do while watching TV with Andrew (my husband) because I’m usually fidgeting in front of the TV, and it helps me focus on our quiet time in a productive way! 


Bethany and CakesI use Pinterest mostly. I look at a picture and figure it out. Once in awhile I watch YouTube to make edible flowers and such.


Annie and Wood-BurningI first learned because of a school project. We had to create a board game and I wood-burned the board for it. It was so terrible! haha From there I practiced more and figured out what to do better. 


Micah and Wood-WorkingI find something I’m interested in and I just go for it! I’m in the middle of experimenting with carpentry using more traditional tools. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 5.10.15 PM


Mallory and LetteringInstagram and Pinterest have been helpful and inspiring, but the main driving force is just my love of letters and typography. “Just My Type” is a book that opened my eyes to the process and history of typeface design; understanding the “why” of letterforms makes me excited to learn through mimicking. I know my skill can’t even begin to catch up to my aesthetic, but that struggle is the rewarding part of the process, y’know?


Eric and Tap DancingI wrote a play set in the 1940s and I wanted to include some tap dancing since that is such an icon of the 40s. I’ve always had natural rhythm and coordination, and had learned to do the Charleston for a 1920s play. So I set out to learn tap from YouTube videos. I was diligent to practice a minimum of 2 hours every day. After several weeks of learning basic tap routines and steps, I choreographed a tap dance for a scene in the play. It’s reminiscent of Fred Astaire’s July 4th number in Holiday Inn. 

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