My Turn

IMG_0692The theme of this month is Education, and the creativity that goes into educating ourselves and others. So I challenged myself this month to learn a new creative endeavor. I was inspired by my sister-in-law Erin (see Sep. 12 post) and her self-taught embroidery. I used to do a little when I was a kid, but never learned proper stitches, etc. So I went to Joanne’s Fabrics and bought supplies. I already had lots of embroidery ‘floss’, as they call it, so I just needed hoops, fabric, and needles. Overall I spent under $10, which I thought was a good deal for a new creative project.

Then I spent a whole evening Pinning embroidery ideas while watching my new fave reality competition show Making It. I started with an easy design with basic stitching. I penciled the outline of the design onto the fabric first to use as a I guide, then referred to the Pinterest pic as I went along. The first cactus took me about an hour.

Learning something new feels as tiring and rewarding as working out. I’m not a IMG_0691 2perfectionist (some people assume I am because I’m naturally organized or overly intentional) but I’m really not. I joke that I’m a “Good-Enougher”. I do like to challenge myself and I do strive to do my best in all my endeavors. And I remind myself that mistakes and flaws and revision are all part of the creative process, and it all has value. So I can enjoy the process just as much (if not more) than the final product.



I’m really enjoying embroidery because it uses different skills than I’m used to, it’s something I can work on while watching TV, and it makes me feel vintage in a good way!




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