SPOTLIGHT: Tracy Murdock

ZIDTbiopicAge: 32

Genre: picture book


Facebook: yourtwinmomgroup

Instagram/IGTV: @yourtwinmom

Twitter: @yourtwinmom

How did you get into writing?

A couple of years ago at bedtime, I was standing in the hallway in my pink fluffy bathrobe, holding my 2-month old son with my 2-year old twin girls running around me, all while trying to get them into their beds. And in this crazy moment, I felt called to write to other moms and share my story. I got the idea for my first children’s book Zoe in Double Trouble to bring a positive spin to the first year with twins, and help families get excited about their new baby or babies joining their family. I added an online ministry Your Twin Mom to uplift kids and families in faith and fun. I questioned how I would ever do this as a busy mom, but I knew with God holding my hand, He could make the impossible possible. So I continued to write, and learned to illustrate. 

Each step was new and scary, but every time I tried to set is aside and tell myself it was just too much, God brought it back to the surface of my heart and I kept writing, learning, and growing. He brought beautiful connections and people who helped me along my path. Looking back, I see that I was writing since I received my first journal when I was 9 years old and I never stopped. My first public article as a kid was one in which I wrote an advice column for my classmates. I also wrote prayers for our school, and loved reading them in church. I think those were a couple of God-winks in my childhood. Becoming a twin mom re-awakened this passion in me. 

What do you love most about it?

I am inspired to write fun moments with my kids, but also in moments where I struggle as a mom. I love that writing my little story can uplift moms, kids, and families in great love and hope. And the twinkle in my kids’ eyes when they read my book is priceless. Kids who read Zoe in Double Trouble will see that no matter what messes they may make or how crazy our days may be as a family, they are still SO LOVED. 

I also love the connections I’ve made with other moms and writers. I love how my trust in God is strengthening through this journey because I know this writing dream came from Him and that He was the only one who could make this happen in my life. 

How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired to write?

At first, it was hard to be motivated. My husband was worried it would be too much for me as a busy mom. Once he saw how it enriched me, he created a writing corner for me. There are so many other pieces to being a writer than just writing, so every time I get overwhelmed, I pray. I take time to journal my thoughts to Him and it clears my mind. 

I am very inspired by my time with my children. I’ll text myself ideas I think of in the moment when I’m playing with them. I am very intentional about taking time to be with my children–holding them, playing with them, kissing them. At the same time, I create quiet time during the day for them so I have a chance to gather my thoughts and work. 

Are there other areas of your life where you exercise creativity?

Since becoming a mother, I have been fueled by creativity. Because of my twins plus one, I am writing children’s books, devotionals, and faith-filled mom life articles with kid activities and prayers. All of this has opened me up to illustrating, motivational speaking, “Twin Momspirational Tuesdays”, photographing the blessings in the chaos of motherhood, teaching fun lessons to help kids love learning, and writing songs with my kids which is helping me learn to play the guitar. 

I am blessed to be connecting with other creatives here. I welcome you to enjoy Zoe in Double Trouble and find faith and fun with Your Twin Mom!

Tracy’s picture book is now available on Amazon and her website.

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