SPOTLIGHT: Bethany Espino

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Genre: Young Adult

Info: Facebook Bethany Espino

How did you first get into writing?

I’ve always loved writing when I was younger, but never considered it as a possible career until my husband challenged me to write my own story. He saw how much passion I had when retelling a book someone else had written, and he saw a possibility I never thought of. I realized if I put a lot of energy and work into it, I could be a writer too.

What do you love most about it?

I love being lost in a world that has endless possibilities of my own making. I love thinking how to describe something whether it be an abstract concept or an everyday occurrence that seems ordinary. Seeing things from a writing perspective allows me to really appreciate the mundane and challenge a reader to see these mundane things in a new beautiful way. 


Do you have any aspirations for your writing?

My ultimate goal is to publish many different types of stories that inspire people, give them hope, or just light up their imaginations. My small goal right now: finish the YA fantasy novel I’m currently writing!

Are there other areas of your life where you exercise creativity?

For me, creativity is a fluid-living God-given thing that I can express in many different ways through many different types of media like painting, drawing, writing, or simply just appreciating the beauty of God’s creativity in His creation all around me. 


2 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT: Bethany Espino”

  1. Thanks, FC, for showing us different sides of creativity through interviews with your colleagues and fellow writers.


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