SPOTLIGHT: Jayden Yamamoto



Age: 17





How did you get into quilling?

On my parents’ anniversary last year I went to the Hallmark store to get a card for them. I noticed a small shelf of cards that stood out to me. Each card, intricately designed with different animals, was flat enough to slip into an envelope but still had a 3D effect. I picked out a turtle card for them as I read the back of the card. It had a few details about quilling and its history. I got interested. A few days later, I decided to try quilling for myself. I looked up a few videos and found new techniques to experiment with. Now a year later I am a self-taught quilling artist and have recently started a small business.

What do you love most about it?

I love that it’s a way to express myself artistically, although my tendencies are more mechanical. Each small coil or simple line is a part of a bigger, more intricate creation. Each piece adds to the full picture. Each creation is unique and personal, none exactly alike. One simple coil might look more vibrant and noticeable than another, or one spiral more curly than the next. Quilling gives me the opportunity to create 3D art in a way that is suited to my structural tendencies, but artistic in the eyes of others. Quilling is also versatile, allowing the artist to create not only her own desired designs, bus also personalized masterpieces for the customer to enjoy. 

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Everywhere! Besides seeing previous creations from fellow quilling artists on the internet, I like to imagine what pieces or designs would create joy and happiness, whether is is given as a card or hung up in a room. It is always satisfying to know what you do makes at least someone happy or a little bit brighter. Because of the few boundaries that quilling has, I can create a personalized name frame theme towards a person’s liking, or an ocean scene for the boy longing to be a scuba diver, or even a fairy tale land with a princess. The possibilities are endless.