SPOTLIGHT: Nathan Burtnett


Age: 17

Business: Lathing


How did you first get introduced to lathing?

A friend in our church was unable to use his lathe anymore so he left it to us. Another friend first taught me how to use it to make a pen. So I made some pens and made a couple of wizard wands for friends. I learned from many sources, trying to make the best product I could not only because I wanted other people to enjoy it, but because I enjoy making the best thing I can from some of God’s creation. 

What do you love most about it?

I would say there are two aspects I love about my hobby: first, that I am making a piece of beautiful wood/other material into a practical and useful object like a pen. Second, that I am overcoming challenges; whether that comes through learning the business aspect of this hobby, or whether is is difficulties with the machining process, it is not always enjoyable in the present, but it builds my skill and love for the hobby. 

Are there other areas of your life where you exercise creativity?

I work a lot with children and it makes me happy to make up games for them to laugh and play. I also love to organize my room and any other place that I spend a good amount of time in, and make it eclectic and practical. 

Any aspirations for your lathing hobby?

I hope to grow beyond just lathing, although I would still like to challenge my skill. But I would love to learn how to make many more things and tools. I hope to learn other skills similar to lathing so that I will be able to creatively solve everyday problems and needs by making things with my own hands.