SPOTLIGHT: Trudy Toering

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Age: 66

Business: hand-sewn dolls

Info: Etsy Saithful Friends Dollshop: F

Facebook: Faithful Friends Dolls



When did you decide to start your Etsy shop?

First, I have always loved dolls. I am the oldest of five and would get dolls from thrift shops, clean them up, and redress them for my younger sisters. In my 20s I started making cloth dolls. I would take them to work to show my friends and they wanted to buy them. I was thrilled that someone wanted to buy my dolls! My husband would also take them to work and sell them for me. After I retired, I got serious about making and selling them. 

I was doing a number of craft fairs yearly. I was also doing farmer’s markets weekly. Someone at one of the markets told me about Etsy. At first I opened my Etsy shop without a lot of success. My niece was starting to make items at home and also started an Etsy shop. She listed my dolls in her shop and they started selling. After awhile, I started doing my own listings again and had much better success.

What do you love most about sewing and making dolls?

What I love most is bringing dolls to life. Making the body then stuffing it and watching it turn into a real doll. I then decide on the hair color and style. Sometimes I use a doll wig that is already styled and sometimes I make my own wig from yarn. I also love making their outfits. I get to choose the fabric and style of the outfit. All my dolls are my own pattern and design. I make them in two sizes and also make boy dolls. I recently started making bunny dolls.

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