HOME CHEF: Mallory Drazin

IMG_6BA01FFBB161-1Mallory basically grew up in the kitchen, and feels more comfortable in front of the stove than anywhere else. She learned basic cooking skills from her mom at a very young age, and never had a fear of any flavor. She has an innate ability to combine flavors, and a courage to try new things. Food is her happy place, and she brings joy to everyone she feeds. While she loves to follow food bloggers and Instagrammers and learn new things from them, she also loves to create her own recipes. Here she shares one of her recipes she has come to be famous for by her friends and family.

Sweet Potato Hash with Poached Egg


Large Sweet potatoes (typically 1 per person)

Bacon (about 3 strips per person)

1 can Black beans (rinsed)


eggs (1 per person)

goat cheese


cook sweet potatoes until softened and skin falls off easily (either in the oven, or for a quicker way, in the micro. Look up directions on how to do that on Pinterest, etc)

Fry bacon in skillet

Add cooked sweet potatoes to bacon and fry lightly. Add black beans. Set aside

Poach eggs (look up directions on how to poach eggs. A sunny-side up egg can also work)

In shallow dish, serve potato hash first, layer arugula on top, add crumbled goat cheese, and top with poached egg.


Mallory is a photographer and homeschooling mom. Follow her @m.c.drazin