SPOTLIGHT: Jenna Mason


Age: 14

Business: gourmet cupcakes

Instagram: @jennas.cupcakes



How did you get into baking cupcakes?

When I was little, I would always make-pretend cupcakes or pies out of mud or sand. Then as I got older, I loved helping my mom in the kitchen. She let me mix and cut things when I was really small and I would have to stand on a chair to reach the counter. I have always wanted to have a career in baking because I thought it would be so cool to have a job that was really fun. One day my dad showed me a YouTube channel called My Cupcake Addiction and I started making cupcakes. One day during the summer I made cupcakes while my dad was at work and when he came home he suggested I go sell them at the park next to our house. I made a sign that said ‘Cupcakes $1’, got a wagon, and carried a tray of cupcakes down to the park. I ended up selling all 24 cupcakes. Then I set up an Instagram account so people could order cupcakes. The next Saturday I made 6 dozen cupcake orders for new customers.


What do you love most about it?

My favorite part about making cupcakes is decorating them and making them look pretty. I also like taking pictures of them for Instagram.

Do you have any aspirations for your culinary skills?

I would love for this to be a full-time job when I am older and to own my bakery when I am an adult. 

Are there other areas of your life where you exercise creativity?

I have always loved drawing, painting, and photography. My mom taught me a lot about art and she is really good at painting, drawing, and pottery (see Spotlight post on Ali Mason July 14, 2018)

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