Lovelies to Be Seen

A lot of creativity can go into how you dress, but also how you organize and keep all your dressings. One of the biggest challenges I always face is how I store my jewelry and accessories. I’ve had shoe bins and racks, purse bins and racks, jewelry boxes and pegs. Through the years, I’ve learned a few things that have been helpful:

  • If I see it, I’ll wear it
  • If I can easily get to it, I’ll wear it
  • If it looks pleasing, I’ll wear it

So following these truths, I’ve come up with some fun, inexpensive, and effective ways to store and display my jewelry and accessories.

img_1847For my stud earrings and small dangly ones, I made a little display frame. I bought a cheap frame and removed the glass and backing. Then I bought some lace. I went with black because it creates a contrast to my earrings and showcases them better. I stretched the lace over the frame and hot-glued it in place on the sides. This little display is easy to  get to and allows me to see all my studs.




I love little dishes! I always come across cute ones at TJ Maxx and Home Goods, but I never knew what to do with them. So I put them to good use holding and displaying my rings and chunkier bracelets. These are set on a mid-height shelf in my closet.




img_1846A majority of my jewelry is kept and displayed in this great jewelry organizer. It hangs on a high rod at eye level. Each piece is clearly seen, and protected from dust. I keep a charcoal tab in each pocket to ward off tarnishing. This is especially important for my Noonday pieces. My sentimental jewelry, heirloom pieces, and holiday jewelry are kept in antique stationary boxes from my grandmother that I turned into jewelry boxes.



For years I kept my purses in bins. But I used them less frequently because I would forget about them. I also found they got smashed and warped. So I tried something new. I now hang my purses on hangers on a rod where I can see them all and they maintain their shape. (One of the reasons I have empty rod space is because of my Seasonal ‘capsule’ wardrobe method. See Feb 11 post).

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