SPOTLIGHT: Anne Castillo


Age: 21

Job: Nail Technician

Contact:, IG @nails_by_anne54, FB Nails by Anne



What is your background with nail art?

I got into nail art when I was 13. I was bored one day and went online to a website called that brings you to different web pages at random, and I stumbled across a tutorial for nail art. I started practicing on myself almost everyday (I went through a lot of nail polish!) Eventually people started noticing and they kept telling me I should use my skills on other people, so I decided to go to beauty school and get my license. 


What do you love most about it?

I love getting to use my creativity for a living. What started as a hobby has turned into a job, which I think is pretty amazing. Sometimes clients tell me what they want and it’s up to me to execute it. It’s pretty fun to use my imagination to create fun new designs.


Are there other areas in your life where you exercise creativity?

Nail art is the best outlet I have for my creativity, but I also like to get creative in the kitchen. I know it’s a different kind of creativity, but I like to experiment with baking and cooking new recipes. 





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