SPOTLIGHT: Zachary Ayers

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Wedding and lifestyle photographer/videographer and all-around adventure story-teller

Age: 19

Info: and IG @zach_ayers

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How did you first get hooked on photography and videography?

My older brother Ben has always been a strong creative role model in my life. I grew up in his recording studio and watching music videos being filmed in our backyard that got millions of views. Eventually I asked Ben to teach me how to make a video. He set me up with a camera and some editing program and told me the basics. He told me, “If you have any questions just Google it!” Beyond teaching me the basic technicalities, he empowered me to learn how to teach myself. And that is what has taken me to where I am.

I quickly fell in love with the camera for how it enabled me to capture the world around me. At the time, my world was low-key, pretty much just my cute little niece playing with her toys. But I kept filming and kept filming everyday because I was so ecstatic to make passing moments tangible and re-livable. Getting into videography has helped me seek out a more exciting and adventurous lifestyle. Video has not only helped me capture what goes on in my life, but now creates so much of my lifestyle. 

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What do you love most about it?

I can go on and on about how amazing it is that we have the power to capture moments and emotions–that’s a huge part of why it drives me. I love how dynamic the medium of film is and how it allows me to be creative despite feeling like I don’t have a “creative personality”. I operate off of a very methodical and practically-based mindset. I think strongly in numbers and systems, and while of course I am emotional, I still have issues connecting the fine arts or musical mediums of creativity. But through film making, I have found the space to use systems and formulas to be creative, while also being as original as I please. 

How do you use creativity in your work?

I have the immense privilege (but also curse) of my career being my creative hobby. I am a freelance film maker doing primarily wedding films, but also an array of other films. I love doing weddings because I’m invited into one of the most intimate and exciting days of peoples’ lives and am asked to capture every little moment of that day. As someone who’s driven by capturing moments, of course doing weddings is one of the most exciting and rejuvenating things I can film! 

Check out his website for video clips of his work and info on his services. He is currently booking for 2019-2020.

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