SPOTLIGHT: Rebecca Baldizon

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What’s your background with horticulture/gardening/landscaping?

I have always loved it. I can remember being excited about gardening, caring for plants, and browsing nurseries as a child. I have a BS in Biology with an emphasis in botany. My favorite class in college was “plant classification”. We studied the small details of what made plants unique from each other. Noticing uniquenesses were how we could differentiate plants into groups. God is the ultimate designer and creator and it was a delight for me to study plants and learn about details in His creativity. 


What do you love most about it?

If I had to describe myself I would say I am a science mind with a bit of creativity blended throughout. Gardening, etc. fills my science niche. Maybe I will experiment with a new crop in my garden. Maybe I will try a shade plant in a light sun spot. Maybe I will take a crop plant and try to make it more ornamental and suitable for the front yard. I conduct experiments while I plant. I don’t get frustrated when a plant may fail. This is just more data for the next time I experiment. It’s a great reward and I feel a sense of accomplishment.


I also love the blending of function and beauty with gardening/landscape design. I love the challenge of making the practical pretty. My chicken coop is an example of this. I love the color variety of gardening. One of my favorite color combos is purple and lime green. Grapes about to turn purple is a great example of this. I chose one of my nectar trees because of pretty speckled fruit it produces. One of my tomato varieties have a purple hue. I purposely go to great lengths in choosing my chickens so I can have a rainbow of egg colors. 


Lastly, I love being outside. Gardening is a great excuse to breathe some fresh air and enjoy God’s creation.


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