SPOTLIGHT: Maggie Sutherland


Business: Green and Crumb Florals

Info: IG @greenandcrumbflorals





How did you come to start your business?

I had always loved working with my hands and puttsing around the garden when I was little. I remember one spring my mom cleared out a section of our yard and let me pick out whatever flower seeds I wanted at the store, and let me go to town planting them in the space she set aside for me. I took such pride in every sunflower and poppy that came up that year. Through the years flowers have always been such a magical medium for me, so when a friends incited me to work in her flower shop in between my time living abroad, I couldn’t snatch up the opportunity fast enough. I started be cleaning buckets and taking orders. But soon enough she started letting my play with flowers and taught me all the ins and outs of floral design. 

Years later (after getting married and having two daughters), a friends was getting married and asked me if I would be free to do her flowers. I told a very excited “yes!”, even though I had never done a wedding on my own before. My friend and I had so much fun creating florals for her gorgeous wedding. I’ll always be grateful to that friends for believing in me and trusting me with one of the most specials days of her life. 

From there I started booking smaller weddings and events. I was a lot of trial and error as I navigated the creative parts that I adored, while also balancing the business side of things that are hard. I learned much in that first year, and realized that this was something I wanted to pursue more seriously. It’s been almost four years since then, and I am so proud of how my business has grown and thrived. It’s not lost on my how many incredible people believed in me, supported me, sent referrals, or worked with me. 

What do you love most about your work?

It’s such an honor to get to play a small role in one of the most important days in a couple’s lives. I love getting to create an overall vision with a bride, dreaming up ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to bring to life. My work is very personal and sincere. I love getting to know each couple and what moves and inspires them. From there I create a custom floral design based on their personalities, and often their story as a couple. But I think handing a bride her bouquet and seeing her eyes light up will forever be my favorite part of the job. It is magical and always moves me. 


How does creativity play a role in other areas of your life?

We grew up in a very creative family. I am so thankful for how my parents always lived out their creativity, but also made a space for me to try anything and everything. I love getting to create space for my girls, but to also show them an example of how creativity brings me so much joy. In addition to florals, I also love interior design. My husband and I just bought a charming 1930s fixer upper and it has been such a fun project to renovate and design together. It ties together our love of working with our hands, design, and resurrecting historic homes. 

I just got a book on water coloring so we’ll see what fun that unlocks too! 


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