SPOTLIGHT: Jessica Bunn



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Column by Jessica Bunn

Some of God’s greatest creative miracles are contained in the smallest packages! A few weeks ago I planted my first flat of China Asters on my kitchen counter, along with rows of sweet peas and Persian cress outside. It’s always amazing to take each minuscule seed, tweezering each one into the soft damp soil, fully believing that the information packed into each one (enough genetic information to fill a super computer) will miraculously grow into something beautiful that will fill the garden with color.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons because we are invited into the creative process God began at the beginning of time, nurturing the life He created and endlessly arranging it in ways that bring His beauty to the world.

For me, this journey started as far away from the land as it’s possible for a human being to get: growing up on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But, after all those sea miles, I married a farmer. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the land and growing things, which is good, since my family is in this profession. From learning how to grow flowers and vegetables in my own garden, I moved to managing and harvesting flowers on our family’s organic farm a mile down the road from my house. Now my hobby has woven itself into a job I get up at 5 am to do, harvesting 35-50 bouquets a week and hosting summer flower U-Pick events.

Throughout my life, I’ve often limited myself by saying, I could never do that. I didn’t grow up doing that. I’m not artistic. I’m not creative.… I’m not, I’m not, I’m not.  But recently, I’ve reached a point in my own personal journey where I realize that fear only limits our  potential to accomplish amazing things and experience all of the wonders that God our Creator has for us. Sometimes when I’m out with the flowers, completely overwhelmed by the lavish display of creative beauty, I hear God’s message so loudly: I created this. I created you. And I invite you into my process. Come on, endless possibility awaits!

These journeys of ours may start small. But seeds turn into beautiful flowers and words turn into worlds. You were designed by the creative force that shaped the galaxies, and layered a Double Click Cosmos just so. Let that knowledge water the seeds in your own hearts, and be amazed at what will grow!


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