SPOTLIGHT: Christy Rice

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Contact info:
IG: @christyricephotography



How did you get into photography?

I have always been drawn to color and light. As a child I would plaster my walls and notebooks with beautiful photos of people and landscapes, sunshine and bright colors. I enjoyed taking photos in high school and in the years following, when I’d borrow someone’s fancy camera or use my own cheap point and shoot, sometimes even disposable cameras when those were still a thing. But it wasn’t until friends from my church lent me their DSLR camera and several lenses that I really began to try and capture the beauty of God’s world in my own unique way. 

For several years, I enjoyed photography as a creative hobby, practicing on my own and capturing many images of my daughter and husband. At one point I agreed to do a photo session with my best friend and her kids, and it was a blast! My creativity flourished and I really began to find my own style. Soon other friends began asking me to take their photos and wanted to pay me for them, and several mentioned that I should think about starting a business. I bawked at this idea. Being a creative who adores the artistic side of life, I am not good with the business side and had no desire to delve into it. The seed was planted in my heart, however, and I began to pray about it. My husband encouraged me to do it, and I felt God leading me in that direction. I remember praying that if God wanted me to open a business, He would have to give me the patience, clients, and wisdom to do it right, because I had no idea where to start and no desire to be a business woman, ha! I took the plunge in 2012 and created Christy Rice Photography, which has been successful every year since, praise God!

What do you love most about it?

Capturing joy, color, light, and a glimpse into my subject’s personality that makes them unique and beautiful. 

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