Never Say No to the Muse


It has its virtues and vices. I’m not a huge social media junkie, but I like to check in. I “like” pictures of my friend’s kids at the beach, and comment with heart-eyes emojis when my talented sister-in-law posts her photography shoots. Sometimes I indulge in a MagiQuiz to find out how many Disney villains I know.

I never participate in debates, especially about politics or parenting.


There was one FB post-turned-debate that was the catalyst for this blog. A friend reposted an ad for an adult coloring class at the library. (Adult meaning for adults–not meaning inappropriate for kids). The comments were mixed:

“Coloring is for children” or “what a waste of time” or “who would go to this?”

My response?

“I could write a lot about the value of creative expression and finding community in that.”

To which my Muse asked me, “Why don’t you?”

So here I am.

This Project will be 12 months long, wherein I’ll interview people who live out creative expression, and chronicle creative endeavors in my own life and in the lives of others.

I hope this is inspiring. I hope this challenges thinking. I hope this renews our minds. I hope this debunks some common fallacies about creativity. I hope this builds community.

If nothing else, this blog will challenge me to put my money where my mouth is…

Thanks to a Facebook post.

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