Calling Out the Dead

 I am always trying to build a lifestyle that includes creativity from how I set up our home to how I spend my free time. A creative lifestyle is to live how we were created to live. We are created in the Image of God and in His likeness, which includes being creative (I doubt I need to list all the ways God is creative!) This is who we were intended to be, but as we know everything fell apart with a single bite in a garden. Since that moment, God put his agenda into action to redeem every facet of brokenness through Jesus.

“The gospel re-creates all of you so that every part of you–including your creativity–is from Christ, through Christ, and to Christ. The gospel retunes your creativity to sing his grace. It re-creates your creativity so that it can finally do what he made it to do–bring him glory, forever.”Thomas Terry and Ryan Lister, The Gospel Coalition (click link for full article)

When we live creative lives, we live out another facet of our redemption through our Savior. When we exercise creativity, we reflect redemption. We find freedom and glimpses of the Paradise that was lost and the eternal Paradise to come. Through our creativity we can worship and commune with the Genius of all creativity. In this, we truly live.

“The trumpet of imagination is like the trumpet of the resurrection. It calls the dead out of their graves.” –G.K Chesterton

And true life is what this dead world is aching for.

“…There will be the irresistible attraction of the beauty of holy-love, showing what life in the presence of God really is–life as it was meant to be lived. This cannot but attract the human heart since a deep desire remains in us to be all we were meant to be.”–Sinclair Ferguson, Devoted to God. 

A lifestyle of creativity is not just for the ‘artsy types’ or the ‘hipsters’ or the ‘millennials’ or for ‘creative types’. It’s for anyone who has been redeemed by Christ. It is for every ‘reborn type’ and ‘new creation in Him type’. It’s for me and for you, dear Christian. This Lifestyle is for us.

My hope is that through this year-long Project of Creative Living you have been inspired to adopt this lifestyle. My you find inspiration and fulfillment in that. Thank you for joining me on this journey.



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